Stream Server Maintenance - Hard Drive Addition

Posted Fri, Aug 18, 2006 4:25 AM EDT

Last week our main stream server with the playlist was moved to a new and better datacenter to increase stability. During the last week when there have been no new shows, our automated stream has been replaying fairly old sets because we have been waiting for the hard drive with all of the new sets to be returned to us, and for the new datacenter to receive it. It's all ready to go at the new datacenter, so our main stream server will be going down for brief maintenance on the morning of Saturday, August 19, 2006.

The maintenance will start around 3:00 AM Eastern, and will last about 15-20 minutes. During this time the stream will be unavailable. We apologize about the inconvenience, however we need to get the drive back in as soon as possible to refill the playlist with more current sets, and store all the new sets that get aired everyday. Thanks for your patience and support!

UPDATE 08-19-06 04:44:48 EDT: We got started a little bit late, but everything is done now (and in faster time than anticipated). Thanks for your patience.