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We have all brands of Mobile Phones,Ipods,Sidekicks,Nextels phone,Laptops for sell at cheap and
affordable prices, they ranges from Nokia/Samsung/LG/Sony
Ericsson/Motorola/Alcatel/panasonic With Bluetooth, all
Brands and Models of Nextel Phones, we want you to get back
to us with your quote so that we can begin a good business
relationship. Note they are all Brand New T2 Euro specs,
unlocked, no operator logo, come in their
original sealed box, With 1 year international warranty
from the manufacturer, English & Spanish manual, Finland
We want to assure you that you will never regret buying
from us because the delivery will be to your doorstep via
FedEx Courier service.And the Tracking number shall be sent
to you upon acknowledgement of your payment.
Kindly acknowledge the reciept of our mail and get back to

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Apple MA099LL/a 2GB iPod Nano - Black --------------------$100
Apple Computer iPod Nano 2GB White----------------------- $110
Apple Computer iPod Video 30GB White ---------------------$95
Apple iPod 20GB (Color Screen) --------------------------$162
iPod Nano 2GB (Black) -----------------------------------$120
Apple iPod 60GB,----------------------------------------$150
Apple iPod 4GB,-----------------------------------------$90.
play station 1......... ----------------------------------$120
play station 2 ....---------------------------------------$130
play station 3....----------------------------------------$250
x_box 360.........----------------------------------------$200
Xbox Video Game System Console ---------------------------$150
Xbox 360 Core System -------------------------------------$100
Xbox Zenith 5' TFT LCD Screen--------------------------- -$50
Xbox 360 Platinum System ---------------------------------$120
Xbox 360 "Premium Gold Pack" Video Game System----------- $130
Xbox 360 "Core Sports Bundle" Video Game System ----------$95
NOKIA 6230i(unlock)-------------------------US$160
NOKIA 6250(UNLOCK)-- -----------------------US$110
NOKIA 7250(UNLOCK)-- -----------------------US$160
NOKIA 7260(UNLOCK)-- -----------------------US$180
NOKIA 7650(UNLOCK)------------------------- US$120
NOKIA 7270(UNLOCK)-- -----------------------US$220
NOKIA 7280(UNLOCK)-- -----------------------US$250
NOKIA 8310(UNLOCK)-- -----------------------US$100
NOKIA 7600(UNLOCK)--------------------------US$170
NOKIA 8910 Titanium-- ----------------------US$100
NOKIA 8850 SPECIAL EDITION-- ---------------US$105
NOKIA 8850 GOLD EDITION-- ------------------US$100
NOKIA 8910 Black-- -------------------------US$110
NOKIA 9210 Communicator-- ------------------US$110
NOKIA 9210i Communicator-- -----------------US$110
NOKIA 8910i-- ------------------------------US$150
NOKIA 9500 AT JUST -------------------------$195usd,
NOKIA 8850 GOLD EDITION-- ------------------US$120,
NOKIA 9300 AT JUST -------------------------$160usd,
Nokia N70 At JUST --------------------------$140usd
NOKIA N80 AT JUST-------------------------- $180usd
NOKIA N90 AT JUST --------------------------$200usd
NOKIA N91 AT JUST --------------------------$220usd
NOKIA N92 AT JUST --------------------------$245usd
NOKIA N93 AT JUST --------------------------$255usd
NOKIA N95 AT JUST --------------------------$270usd
NOKIA N93iAT JUST --------------------------$300usd
Panasonic TH-42PD50U EDTV $ 450
Panasonic TH-42PX50U Plasma $650
Panasonic TH-50PX50U Plasma $700
Panasonic TH-65PHD8UK Plasma $900
SONY FWD-42PV1 Plasma Display $500
SONY PFM-42X1 Plasma Display $550
SONY FWD-50PX2 Plasma Display $700
Philips 50PF7320A/37 Plasma HDTV $720
Philips 50PF9630A/37 Plasma HDTV $550
Philips 50PF9830A/37 Plasma HDTV $800
Samsung HPR5052 Plasma $670
Samsung HPR5072 Plasma $780
Samsung HPP5581 Plasma TV $780
Samsung PPM63H3Q Plasma Display $700
Samsung HPR6372 Plasma $820
Hitachi 42HDT52 Plasma TV $440
Hitachi 55HDS52 Plasma HDTV $480
Hitachi 55HDT52 Plasma TV $650
Hitachi CMP-55HDM71 Plasma $420
Maxent MX-42VM7 Plasma EDTV $370
Maxent MX-50X2 Plasma $300
NEC PX-50XM5A Plasma Display $570
NEC PX-50XR5A Plasma Display $500
NEC PX-61XM3A Plasma Display $600
NEC PX-61XM4A Plasma Display $750
NEC PX-61XR4A Plasma Display $700
Pioneer pdp-505cmx plasma TV -$1,670
Pioneer pdp-5060hd plasma tv-$1,890
Philips 17PF8946A 17 LCD Television $180
Philips 17PF9936 17 LCD Television $160
Samsung LT-P1745 17 in. LCD Television $180
Toshiba 17HLV85 17 LCD Television $190
Samsung LT-P1795W 17 LCD Television $160
SONY MFMHT75W 17 LCD Television $130
FLAT-PANEL LCD TV 17 LCD Television $140
Samsung LTN1735 17 LCD Television $160
AOC A17W221 17IN LCD TV $150.
LOCK]C/R------------------- US$100
MOTOROLA V400[UNLOCK]C/R------------------- US$115
MTOROLA T720 C/R[CINGULAR]------------------US$80
MOTOROLA V600-------------------------------US$120
MOTOROLA MPX 220 AT JUST -------------------$120usd,
MOTOROLA MPX 300 AT JUST -------------------$160usd,
MOTOROLA V661 AT JUST---------------------- $145USD
MOTOROLA V3 RAZ JUST FOR..------------------$160USD BLACK
SONY ERICSSON W800i AT JUST ----------------$140usd
SONY ERICSSON W900i AT JUST ----------------$220usd
SONY ERICSSON S700i AT JUST ----------------$125usd
SIDEKICK II AT JUST ------------------------$100usd,
SIDEKICK 3 JUST FOR ..----------------------$140USD

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