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Techno / Lokodepo - Force Majeure LP / ARMAB065
« on: June 07, 2020, 04:51:35 am »

Third long play from Armatura Records was summoned by Russian producer Lokodepo, a name and style
you maybe are already familiar with from his earlier apperances in some of our back catalogue.

11 tracks to Force Majeure LP are collected during the period where Lokodepo crafted his style, now a
natural evolution of his monotone and repetitive vision. We could say it's also evolved in the sense of crafty
and smart modulations to his synth lines which are presented in these works heavily.

A not for everyone feel to the LP balances between driving noise and philosophical leads, all followed by concrete
rhythm patterns that cut through the sound system with ease, carrying the sonic message of natural calamities
and awareness of the power of our natural surrounding.

Out June 15th 2020. Format: Digital

Preview full LP on Soundcloud:
Pre-Order LP on Bandcamp:

Thanks for your support.

Techno / [Techno] VA -Aeternus [ARMAB050]
« on: January 10, 2016, 03:15:12 pm »

Compilation of previously unreleased tracks for the celebratory 50th digital release on our label is here.
As always, we will not describe the tracks in detail here, rather just say that it's a good measure of quality
sounds and respected artists, loving melodies and rough beats with intelligent edge for the floors. Already
the opening track is supported by Laurent Garnier : "Amazing track, love it. Just downloaded it, will play
for sure"

Take a dive into the works of Andreas Florin, Research Code, Wunderblock, Hadji, Mudrost, Reznyk,
Female Dandy, Def4z, Spigl, Hoth System and Lokodepo and preview all 11 tracks in high quality now.

Out now on Bandcamp, Beatport, Itunes..

You can also prelisten from  Soundcloud


Supported by

Stefano Infusino, Hector oaks, Fran Hartnett, Laurent Garnier, Phone (Subsist),
Scam., Gabeen, Chemie, Kill Ref, DVNT (Darkfloor), Dave Miller (Abstract Division),
Dj Ogi, Darkmode, i1 Ambivalent, Pannon, Bushby, Dialect, Clairvoyants, Patrick DSP,
H. Paul, Flekitza, Fromm...


Thanks for the support.

Techno / ARMAB039 : Structural Form - Producto Infinito
« on: December 03, 2013, 11:45:15 am »

After his appearance on split release earlier, Structural Form is back on
Armatura with a full ep containing 4 tracks of varied Techno beats.
Influenced by mindful dancefloor sounds of the '90 'Producto Infinito' brings
to light a mysterious feeling paralleled with complex rhythms.

01. N.A.S.A
02. Rar Test
03. Amoniac
04. Fisical


Cover Artwork / Non-Linear
All tracks W+P by Structural Form
Mastering / Audioworkshop Studio
Releasedate: 27 November 2013

Early support:
Adam Kelly / Mattias Fridell / DVNT / Gabeen /
Chemie / Luke Creed / Bojan Vukmirovic /
Monocraft  / Concrete Djz / Mudrost / Dj Ogi...



 Chris Liven hits the scene with two serious original tunes that dive in the new wave
 of Techno sound. Both tracks are cold, dark and full of tricky breaks and rising noises.
 Total club burners that keep the essence of Techno within. Additional remixes by
 Audio Injection & Concrete Djz who did massive interpretations for the floors.
 Stay solid with new AR..

 In shops now
 Official title track video
 Played & charted by:
 Ben Sims / Kr!z (Token) / Mattias Fridell / Ness / Coefficient /
 Forest People / Reagen / Luis Ruiz / Subsight / Mat The Zone /
 Mantis Radio / DFNDR / P.God / Oetam / Dj Ogi / Raphael Acohen...


   With this release, and new artist to the AR label roster (Snap 9-A) we are presenting two beautiful tracks in that style. Both energetic and emotional, as it comes perfect for the balance we strive to bring to you. Track 'Prophetia' is a shakey, pad driven banger which evoles into the broken beat break and a soothing melody that just screams the sound of the Universe. On another note 'Foneis Tou Cosmou' is mindful broken beat percussive masterpiece, with dark atmospherics and a huming baseline that just hooks you. In this EP also are contained two remixes, Robert Pain's broken beat driving dreamy 10 minute workout which will surely make you think and move as it changes throughout. For ending style, there is also El Bosco remix of 'Prophetia' and it's a direct groove smasher with lot's of breaks and full on rage of 909 tools.
   The best is yet to come in Techno.
   Snap-9A - Foneis Tou Kosmou
   Snap-9A - Foneis Tou Kosmou (Robert Pain Remix)
   Snap-9A - Prophetia
   Snap-9A - Prophetia (El Bosco Remix)
   Rel. Date October 22nd via Beatport.
   peace n Techno : )

Techno / P.God - Sedna / Ghouls EP + Remixes Scalameriya, Dialect
« on: March 10, 2012, 08:41:55 am »

 P.God (Italy)
 This release is based on dark-ambient sound structures of the modern club music. Without any theorizing
 you can guess what kind of release is this one on Armatura Records 27th chapter. Cold, claustrophobic,
 and dynamic...The tracks Sedna and Ghouls abound with repetitive droning, while metal synth passages
 properly incorporate the composition. Sedna – Dialect remix is a composition which shows the true way of
 how to shuffle industrial sounding track. At the end, there is Ghouls - Scalameriya devoured remix. With
 a break-beat layered kick spaced segments and fx plays ,it’s a one quality metal remix for this release.

 AUDIO INJECTION[/B] "Sedna & Ghouls sound good! I'll test them out, thanks."
 DRUMCOMPLEX "Hi friends,licking Sedna (Original)!!!!"
 KR!Z (Token) "Dialect rmx & ghouls original for me."
 COEFFICIENT "Really like the Sedna track and the Dialect remix,"
 DL-E (Heaven To Hell) "Really love this release. Impossible to pick a favourite here."
 LUIS RUIZ "i like the whole ep.. Sedna original is my fav.,..  thanks for the promo."
 CONCRETE DJZ "Superb P.God Style tracks, Dialect remix too."
 DARKMODE "I'm very impressed with this release. It's proper Techno with an edge."
 MATT K "Nice! Proper underground Techno!"
 DRUGSTORE "we like both originals, smart techno which drives you into a deep journey."
 LUKE CREED "P.God - Ghouls.. for me... solid EP thanks."

Techno / [ARMABC001] VA - Compilation Vol.1
« on: November 22, 2011, 11:40:37 am »

 Compilation of 15 previously released tracks from various AR Bonus artists and releases.
 Including tracks and remixes from Subotic, Concrete Djz, C-System, Luis Ruiz, Gabeen,
 Vegim, Siege, Lorino, Philip Row, Destroyer, Dfndr & Kibz and more. Dive deep into the
 sound of AR with essential sounds from our first 20 releases!
 Armatura Rec

Techno / Concrete Djz - Compact Solutions + Remixes (ARMAb023)
« on: June 27, 2011, 04:05:48 am »

Compact Solutions (Incl. Mike Humphries, Lorino, C-System)

“Following their impressive back catalogue, Concrete Djz unleash yet another fine piece of club techno workout.
A track that keeps the driving side of their sound, with lots of energy and punchy clean production.”

“Lorino rework comes as a clean modernistic sound of dark scapey techno, offering punchy feel and crisp hi hats
which work great with the dirty synth rework of the original.“

“Mike Humphries steps in with his trademark groove and fine baselines mingling with 909 works. Good percussion
work for a bouncing and colourful floorburner.“

“Spain's C-System interpretation is pure old school bliss. Lots of ever loving claps and a hypnotic synth
treatment that rolls out on filter.“

1. Compact Solutions – Original
2. Compact Solutions – Lorino Remix
3. Compact Solutions – Mike Humphries Remix
4. Compact Solutions – C-System Remix

Previews / Buy
Hi-Q Previews


DRUMCOMPLEX “Reall love it straigth for the floor, full support.“
MATTIAS FRIDELL “Sounds good! Especially the original and Mike's remix.“
LUIS RUIZ “I like the original.“
MATT K “These are great!  On point.“
A. BROTHERS “Great ep, full support!!“
P.GOD “Original & C-System Remix, good work as always.“
MR.JONES “I love this release!! Original and  Mike Humphries remix.“
DJ OGI “Really liking whole release, good job.“

Previews / Buy
Hi-Q Previews

Techno / Pussyshaver - Between Pi & e EP / AR Bonus 022
« on: May 01, 2011, 10:07:34 am »
     Armatura Bonus 022 | Beetwen Pi and e EP | Pussyshaver  
    Rutger Stikkers is emerging from The Netherlands with a rough Techno trademark sound  
   and we caught a couple of offbeat bombs from him for some good oldschool vibes inside.
   Proper dancefloor material in all 4 tracks here and some classic vocal manipulation says it
   all, dirty and intense tunes for good mixing. Already behind him are releases for friendly  
   labels Subsequent and Kamikaze.
    AR Bonus @ Soundcloud  
    ~Sunchica @  
    Armatura Bonus  
   Out Now!
    RELEASE  @  Between Pi & e EP  
    Supported by    
      Luis Ruiz, Mattias Fridell, Vegim, DJ Slot, Alavux, Monocore, Drugstore, Wetworks , Blind Summit ...    

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