Author Topic: 4/Feb/2007 Mark Youssef Obligation Show With StereoK Guest Mix  (Read 6260 times)

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4/Feb/2007 Mark Youssef Obligation Show With StereoK Guest Mix
« on: February 04, 2007, 09:58:16 am »
hey guys how r u all?hope u are well ,my show will start after a while my guest for 2day is one of the finest producres of Greece stereoK hope u like his set ,my set for 2day is gonna be more progy than ever  :) hope u like it guys 2day just leave ur feedbacks about the show  :)  plz!!!

 bio for Stereok:

- Biography -
Haris K. was born and raised in Athens, Greece. His love affair with music started at age fourteen when he formed his first band playing the drums. He spent eight years playing drums for the hardcore-crossover group called One Block Society in Athens. At the same time he got hooked on electronic music and mostly in ambient and trip-hop, but his love to the electronic sound don't stop him to investigate other styles of music like house, techno, freestyle etc.
He finished his studies on Music Technology - Sound Engineering and now is producing a big variety of electronic sounds under different projects. His main project, StereoK, is influenced by artists like Miniloque, Peace Division, Andrew Kelly, Funk D'Void, Matthew Dekay, Ozgur Can, Can Costa etc.
His productions are currently being supported by DJ's & producers like Matt Rowan, Leama, Christian Cambas, Micah, Andrew K, Jason Vasilas, Lance Cashion, Stefan Anion, Cassino & Laben, Jordan Daniel, Danny JC (aka Starchaser), Ariel Cybana, dPen, Guillaume Nyckees, Cristian Paduraru, Marcelo Vasami, Deep Mariano, Hernan Cerbello, Gerardo Boscarino, Andi Vasilos, Thomas Nastos, Alex Celler, Omikron, Stroud, DJ Trolld, Cadatta, Paul Kwitek, Matt Stapley, and many others.
StereoK “dresses up” with his own music every week a TV show about cars & stuff called AutoHigh at High TV station (Greece) and also writes articles and tutorials about sound engineering & music technology in "Digital Camera & Microphone".
Radio Shows:
• "Deep, Down & Dirty sessions" @ (GR) every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month (18:00-20:00 GMT)
• "StereoKomma" @ (USA) every 2nd & 4th Wednesday at 10:00 CST (GMT -6) on the Mainstream Channel.
• StereoK residency @ ADN Alternative (ARG) every Friday at 20:00 GMT +2 or 15:00 GMT -3
• "StereoK & Rezus back 2 life sessions" @ (USA) every 2nd Thursday of the month at 16:00 GMT or 11:00 EST (GMT -5) on the Progressive Channel
Guest mixes to:
• ETN FM (USA / Canada) • ADN Alternative (Argentina) • (Greece) • Proton Radio (USA) • Phoenix Radio (Greece) • Top FM (Greece) • Pure FM (USA) • Galaxie FM (North France) • Pro Fm (Romania) • Tribal Mixes Radio (USA)
DJs appeared as guest in my shows:
Jason Vasillas, Andrew K, Guillaume Nyckees, Lance Cashion, dPen, David West, Pablo Roma, Ariel Cybana, Moussa Clarke, Retroid, Christian Cambas, Samer, Tony Thomas, Hernan Cerbello, Stefan Anion, Omikron, Jordan Daniel, Thomas Nastos and others.

- Discography -
StereoK-Deep Desire [BluePlasma]
StereoK-Coming Home (Deep Shepherd remix) [Total Wipes]
StereoK-Coming Home (Super Agent 33 remixes) [Total Wipes]
StereoK-Coming Home (Dj Salah tribal mix) [Total Wipes]
StereoK-I Can Tell You (Cristian Paduraru mix) [Total Wipes]
StereoK-I Can Tell You [Total Wipes]
StereoK-A Man Can Change The World (Danny JC remix) [Oryx Music]
StereoK-Diamonds [White Label-Music for the "AutoHigh" TV show]
StereoK-Past Two [Total Wipes]
- Remixes -
Unsuspected-I Control Your Body (StereoK Dancefloor mix) [Total Wipes]
One Block Society-Deviant (Project Zero remix) [KnockOut Records]
{Project Zero are Haris K. aka StereoK & Kostas A. aka Rezus}
- Forthcoming Releases -
StereoK-Talk Talk [BluePlasma]
StereoK-Cantus Firmus [Underground Lessons]
StereoK - Shape Me [Composure]
StereoK - As Seen On TV [TBA]
- Appearances on Compilations -
StereoK-A Man Can Change The World (Danny JC remix) [CD Pool-Club Beats, April 2006]
StereoK-Normal People (Original mix) [Electricity CD comp, NRG Recs/Universal Music]

For Contact:

tracklist for StereoK:
01. CID Inc And Matthew Bradley - Lost Game (Original mix) [Restart]
02. Duca - Dirty Mind (Original mix) [Tribal Vision]
03. Can Costa & Diego Noble - Incoming Virus (Original mix) [FiberLine]             
04. David Amo & Julio Navas Vs Les Schmitz - Asteroid (Original mix) [Fresco]
05. Shlomi Aber - Something New (Original mix) [Alternative Route]
06. Red Drop - Music For Me (Bart Van Wissen remix) [Extrema]        
07. Izak & Phunindustries - Lunatic Minds (Tom Sawyer Remix) [South records]
08. Jaytech - Starbright (Jaytechs touch your DJ remix) [Red Seven]
09. Brisker & Magitman - Single Shot (Original mix) [Tribal Vision]
10. Carlos Fauvrelle - Pressure (Kobbe & Austin Leeds mix) [CD-R]

for contact Mark Youssef:

and for downloading the shows of Mark Youssef u can from