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DTR081 Beamrider - Grey Clouds [Dub Tech Recordings]
« on: May 06, 2011, 01:41:35 pm »

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Devine music from the heart of an Argentinean prodder who put his soul inside this tunes.

Beamrider is a brand new artists who is coming to give us the real feeling of the trance we all love, sounds beyond this world, grooves from a strange galaxy.

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The first time we ever heard from Beamrider we were in shock! so much passion in only 7 minutes, Intensive ambient samples flow very smooth behind the drum line and percussion, with a little help of a medical grand piano that follows the path of freedom and euphoria at the same time.

Modern instrumental trance has become trance's adult contemporary, taking a pleasant and once experimental sound into the doldrums of repetitive formula.

Pleas don't forget to check out this new artist and his new release, an EP that includes two original mixes that are going to be in our heads for a long time, anthems that are going to be sang in heaven.

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