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GE 097 | Opencloud, Elemance, Cressida, Djmij
« on: August 02, 2005, 02:27:03 am »
*Hr1 Rebroadcast of Mousa on Proton Radio July 05

Elemance>> (CrystalClouds's 2nd B'day Mix)
Intro - Swordfish
Opencloud - Life [Proton Radio]
Tiebreaker - Settle The Score (Micah's Miami Style Justice Mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
Dj Tarkan & Dammex - In A Dream [Sentient Audio Collective]
Gunas - Sattwa (Red Goblin Dub) [Omnis]
Latigidi - Latigidi (Eelke Keijn Remix) [Green Martian]
Peter Martin - Adam's Song [EE]
Mike Foyle - Your Eyes Only (Orkan Blushes Remix) [EE]
Piece Process - New Driver [Shinemusic]

Moby - Southside (Hybrid´s dishing pump remix)   
Espen & Stian - Shexy (Original)               
Mannel - Cruel summer (break your ass mix)   
Signalrunners - 3000 miles away (Probspot Club Mix)            
Volition - The Spell (Cressida Mix)
Studio B - I see girls crazy (Tom Neville´s Crazy Legs Mix)
Eelke Kleijn - Consequences         
Bioground - Cinnamon (Tha Dons Zimt & Zucker Remix)         
Cressida feat. Melly - Caught in a dream (Store N´Forward´s Mix Bizarre)
Quivver - Reddies   

Djmij>> (TranceTribe Sessions 07)
Mike Foyle vs Sunquest -Day by day (Jay By Day Remix)
Afterburn -North Pole (Sunquest Remix)
Modulation -Sky (Original Mix)
Electric Pulse -White Noise
Arizona vs Passiva -Halo (Danjo & Styles Remix)
Plastic Angel -Pascale (Robert Gitelman Remix)
Jochem Miller -India (Original Mix)
Fingers Burnt -Old Nina (DjMij Mix)
Pulser -Cloudwalking (2005 Remix)
Three Drives -Greece 2000 (Mark Norman Remix)
DJ Jurgen -Wicked Waves (T4L Remix)
Kindervater -Sternenweg 5
Cor Fijneman -Monologue Jochem Miller Remix
Southside Spinners -Luvstruck 2005 Alex Track One Remix