Author Topic: Expressions in Sound 031.5 [08.29.2007]  (Read 4806 times)


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Expressions in Sound 031.5 [08.29.2007]
« on: August 29, 2007, 05:35:14 pm »
Hey folks!  Sorry we haven't been keeping up with the show this month it's been pretty hectic.  Between moving into a new apartment, getting comfy in a new studio setting, school, work, internships, label work, producing, etc.  But we're back on track this week with episode 31 and a half!

This weeks show is one of those  "all original" ordeals we do every now and then to showcase our original productions.  Stay tuned next week for a set from Pangea Records label owner Samer!

I'll post the tracklist when I get home from school!

Until then, enjoy the music! :)

(also everyone should check out our new website @ ... even tho there's not really much there yet just keep it in the back of your mind!)

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