Author Topic: Buzz Radio 2010 Premiere and Mini Interview with Randy Boyer  (Read 7926 times)

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Buzz Radio 2010 Premiere and Mini Interview with Randy Boyer
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:03:19 pm »

To start off 2010, Buzz Radio will be featuring a special 2 hour set from host Randy Boyer on a special day and time. Tune in this Wednesday, January 13 at 11:00 AM Eastern / 17:00 CET / 4:00 PM UK for the 2 hour special!

Randy recently spoke about his plans for 2010:


Randy Boyer has a lot in store for his fans in 2010, starting off with a first- a special TWO hour Buzz Radio. 2009 Buzz Holiday (celebrated for the month of December) was such a success that Buzz never had a chance to slow soon.

Id like to personally thank each fan and listener for all the support over the years. I wouldnt be where I am without all of you. Also, Id like to say thanks to Ferry Corsten, Manuel Le Saux, the boys of Heatbeat and Ville [Darude]- for helping me celebrate 2009 in such a special way. Last year was an epic year for me and to have such massive guest mixes given to me to help end the year really inspired me. Says Randy.

Boyers website: has been revamped to show his dedication to a new year, as well. The already smooth lines, user friendly web site still has the huge amounts of free music, videos and pictures as well as up to the minute news and gig info but now has an even cleaner look and appeal.

Im really excited to finish the revamped website. I love working on my website and keeping it up to date and keeping everyone interested. Its another creative outlet that I can focus on. Randy states regarding the hard work put into this site.

Randy is also really excited about his 2 hour Buzz 2010 premier. Ive been traveling all over the globe lately and really had a massive amount of shows in November and December of 2009. I had the chance to hear some impressive sets and meet some amazing people that Ive always wanted to share a stage with. I have been banging out some tunes lately and been really excited to share them with the Buzz listeners as well. I know not everyone can make it to a live show, and I always try to remember that while compiling Buzz Radio. Not only does it help me keep my energy level high but really keeps me grounded to remember the huge amount of appreciation I receive from Buzz listeners.

Randy Boyer broke ground in 2009 by making his first special appearance in Finland as well as Sweden (at Monday Bar) and continuing his special relationship with his Guatemalan and South American fans. As always he was never short on US gigs and according to Boyer 2010 is going to be a massive year for shows. I already have some amazing dates lined up. New venues as well as all the great regular venues I visit each year. My fans are really making some noise and Im getting a huge amount of requests for gigs in cities Im excited to visit for the first time. Im excited to record some sets and share with the Buzz listeners as well!

Make sure to stay on top of all the Randy Boyer news by signing up for his newsletter (located on his site: and dont forget that each person who signs up for the Randy Boyer newsletter is also given a password and sign in for a secrets page in which he shares free downloads on a regular basis. There is also a forum located on his page where you can interact with other fans as well as keep current on gigs, special events and other DJs information.
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