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TCR News::Grim Pil-Come Dancing+Free mp3+Rennie Pilgrem Mix
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:10:25 am »
[size=18]TCR March News
Celebrating 15 years of TCR

- Grim Pil 'Come Dancing out now
- The TCR classics remix series
- Free TCR Allstars mp3
- Free Rennie Pilgrem TCR classics mix
- Gig Dates

Click here to see the complete March newsletter.

[size=18]Grim Pil 'Come Dancing' Out Now![/size]

Out now on digital & CD at TCR
also at Beatport, Trackitdown & iTunes

01. Original
02. Dub

Old rave meets nu rave via a jungle bass and hip hop vocals.
This has got the DJs in a spin including Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim who demanded a copy when he heard it.
Who is the Grim Pil? Who cares!

[size=18]TCR Classics Remix Series[/size]

As part of the 15 years celebrations TCR have commissioned a series of fresh remixes of some of their most loved tunes beginning with the recently released 'Morpheus' by Koma & Bones. Still to come look out for JDS 'Purple Funky Monkey' remixed by Koma & Bones, Dopamine's 'Hold You' remixed by Rennie Pilgrem & High Eight's remix of 'Don't Burn' from Rennie's 'Skin' album all coming very soon...

Koma & Bones - Morpheus 2009

Out now on digital & CD at TCR
also at Beatport, Trackitdown & iTunes

01. K+B's White Rabbit Mix
02. 10 Rapid Mix
03. Original Mix

[size=18]TCR Allstars Free MP3 Download![/size]

To listen to 'Spooky' & the rest of the CD click here

Rennie Pilgrem & The TCR Allstars return to the UK preparing for their first gig in Bristol on 20th March at the legendary Lakota club.

Having taken the live TCR sound to both Glastonbury and the Glade Festival the Allstars are among IDJ Magazine's ‘20 Best Live Acts to See’ with a supremely talented lineup consisting of vocal veteran MC Chickaboo, Chris Carter (Roxiller), William South (Heavyshift), Richard Thair (Red Snapper) & Mr TCR himself Rennie Pilgrem.

If you haven't yet seen them then to whet your appetite we're giving away a FREE download of the track Spooky taken from the CD recorded live at their storming gig at Glade in 2005. To download it follow the instructions below.

PC Users: right click above & select 'save target as'
Mac Users: hold 'Ctrl' click above and select 'save file as'

[size=18]Free Mix: 15 Years of TCR by Rennie Pilgrem[/size]

Continuing the celebrations we're giving away yet another fine free mix courtesy of label boss Rennie Pilgrem in association with Trackitdown. Loaded with some of TCR's finest moments this mix comes packed with more classics than a Reebok factory! Enjoy..


01.Koma & Bones - Powercut
02.Jaguar - Animal
03.McMillan & Anderson - Definition
04.Waveform - D-Tix
05.Chris Carter - Moonshot
06.Desert Trip - 6 In The Morn
07.SVDS - Phat Phuzz (Thursday Club Mix)
08.Rennie Pilgrem & Dub Species - The Sermon
09.Plastic Gurus - No Driver
10.Rennie Pilgrem - Soundbwoy Kingpin
11.Rennie Pilgrem & Arthur Baker - Like No Other
12.Breaknek - Arse Ingear
13.Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem - Black Widow
14.Vigi & Flip - Freak Frequency (Unbalanced Mix)
15.Thursday Club - A Place Called Acid (Rennie's Acid Indigestion Mix)
16.Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM - Eskimo (Yellow Snow Mix)

[size=18]Gig Dates[/size]

20 Mar   TCR Allstars Live @ Fracture Clinic, Lakota, Bristol, UK
27 Mar   Rennie Pilgrem + Chickaboo, Prague, Czech
04 Apr   TCR Allstars Live, Malaga, Spain
22 Apr   Rennie Pilgrem @ Audio, Brighton, UK
01 May   Rennie Pilgrem @ SW Drum & Bass Awards (TBC) , Cornwall, UK
-- May   Rennie Pilgrem USA Tour (TBA), Everywhere, USA
-- Jun    Rennie Pilgrem USA Tour (TBA), Everywhere, USA
20 Jun    Rennie Pilgrem @ Summer Solstice Party, Mission Rock, San Francisco, USA
06 Jun    Rennie Pilgrem + Koma & Bones @ Boomslang, The Junction, Cambridge, UK
11 Jul    Rennie Pilgrem + guests @ TCR BBQ, Camden Lockside Lounge (Free Entry!), London, UK
17 Jul    Rennie Pilgrem @ Glade Festival, TBA, UK
24 Jul    Rennie Pilgrem @ Tangled Reunion, Sankeys, Manchester, UK