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Behind The Lyric Trivia Contest
« on: January 17, 2010, 08:48:13 pm »
In preparation for a brand new episode of Behind The Lyric airing soon, Marcie is currently running a BTL trivia contest where you can win prizes like a $20 gift certificate to Beatport and a free t-shirt. Full details are below:



16 episodes of Behind The Lyric has created quite a bit of trivia!  To celebrate, I have three questions for listeners! The questions come from information you can hear in episodes 14 & 15.  Send me your answers, and 2 winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries.  

- Birdman and Marcie are offering up a $20 gift certificate to Beatport.
- One winner will be awarded a stylin' Mugasha T-shirt.  

1) In Episode 15, which Dutch Producer says:

"Out of Melodic stuff, came trance music'? and also feels lyrics are meant "to enhance the emotions that melodies bring"

2) Finish the phrase from Episode 15:

"The phrase, 'Out of The Sky', is really for me about the possibilities that come from ____________, what you find when you finally stop _____________ and start living properly."

3) In Episode 14:

Who wrote 'Faster Kill Pussycat' with Paul Oakenfold?

Need HINTS? It's not cheating to listen to the show again! :D

Check the BTL archives on Mugasha!

Send your entries by email to:

All entries must be received by January 25th, 2010.  Winners to be announced January 25th, 2010.

Find Marcie online at: