Author Topic: DJ Nemesis Pres. Alpha Sessions - NINO ANTHONY (Portamento Recs) Guest Mix (03-23-08)  (Read 7082 times)

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DJ, producer, and co-founder of Portamento Records, Nino Anthony incorporates a wide variety of genres in his dj sets and productions. Everything from groovin house, electro house, acid house, tech house, electronica, & techno; to tribal house, progressive house and even some minimal techno.

In late 2005, he started his own indie label, Portamento Records, with his good friend and fellow dj/producer David Farlow. The label focuses on the dirrrty side of house and covers everything from dirrrty electro house, acid house, tech house to groovin’ progressive house to minimal techno. With tracks and remixes released by established artists such as Granite & Phunk, Boy 8 Bit, Angel Anx & Aleksij, Alex Kenji, Christian Hoff and Sara Galli, and future tracks/remixes by Emjae and Junior Frank vs. The Group Dynamic, Portamento is well under way to becoming a dominant, well-respected label in the scene. Not to mention the array of fresh young talent signed, from the likes of Manuel de la Mare, Yoshie Chandler, Vale & Timo, Redux, Skinny Kidz and the founders themselves, Nino Anthony & David Farlow.

Recently, Nino has branched out and has signed 2 remixes with U.S. based Curvve Recordings for X-1 & Emjae, 1 remix for Jorge Jaramillo on Lectro Chick Recordings, and 1 remix out soon for Treat Brothers called "Tears". With support for his tracks and remixes by some of the biggest and most respected names in the scene, including Noir, Ben Macklin, John Acquaviva, Sucker Dj's, Joachim Garraud, Paul Jackson, Mason, Granite & Phunk, Fuzzy Hair, Jorge Jaramillo, Freemasons, David Vendetta, Emjae, Andrea Bertolini, Vinny Troia, Angel Anx & Aleksij, Alex Kenji, Sara Galli, Brad Carter, Jonty Skrufff, Chris Bohn, George O' Connor & Big Al to name a few, Nino is quickly making a name for himself as a hot new aritst. Stay tuned for many more releases from Nino in the future as this young producer is only getting started.
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