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The Art of Techno (CD series) downloads
« on: April 09, 2006, 10:46:40 pm »
Here are download links for those of you who haven't heard this series.

This series was started when I was in high school.  The first two CDs were made using Winampo and a crappy wave recorder, but sold over 300 copies at $5 each, and were so popular that when I came to college and was rushing fraternities, I discovered that my CDs were even popular there!

The third CD was the first to be mixed with turntables, and the fourth CD was the first that I considered truly "good".  From then on, as my skill and equipment quality have increased, I have continued making CDs.  My eighth, which I made in November '05, I consider to be my best.

Enjoy, and remember - spread my name!   ;)

The Art of Techno - Dreams in the Nyte The fourth CD in the series, this is all progressive trance.
The Art of Techno - Living in the Moment The fifth CD in the series, this one is...well, nuts.  Hard progressive trance, hard trance, and hard house, with 22 tracks in 72 minutes, double-drops, a little scratching...don't drive with this in the car.  Most impressive thing about this CD?  It was mixed with TERRIBLE gear (Numark TT-1520 turntables and a Numark DM1001X mixer)
The Art of Techno - Urban Voices The sixth CD in the series, there are vocals in every track.  With a more relaxed, house feel, along with some breaks in the middle ending with just a touch of trance, this is an excellent background CD, and is the favorite of many.
The Art of Techno - Demonstration The seventh CD of the series, this is closest in spirit to the 4th CD.  Listen and enjoy.
The Art of Techno - As Autumn Leaves Mixed live on Party107, this eighth CD in the series has the smoothest mixes and (in my opinion) flows the best of the progressive trance CDs.  Mixed in November 2005, nearly every track on the CD had been released within a month.  My personal favorite.

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The Art of Techno (CD series) downloads
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Wowie.. ... lovely lovely ..:coffee: i'm almost speechless.. :D