Author Topic: Chris Liven - A.G.W. EP + Audio Injection & Concrete Djz [ARMAB033]  (Read 3928 times)

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 Chris Liven hits the scene with two serious original tunes that dive in the new wave
 of Techno sound. Both tracks are cold, dark and full of tricky breaks and rising noises.
 Total club burners that keep the essence of Techno within. Additional remixes by
 Audio Injection & Concrete Djz who did massive interpretations for the floors.
 Stay solid with new AR..

 In shops now
 Official title track video
 Played & charted by:
 Ben Sims / Kr!z (Token) / Mattias Fridell / Ness / Coefficient /
 Forest People / Reagen / Luis Ruiz / Subsight / Mat The Zone /
 Mantis Radio / DFNDR / P.God / Oetam / Dj Ogi / Raphael Acohen...