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and if you only knew..... just how much teh sun needs you...... you (uhuhuhu) would be surprissisisisd.... so help me me light the skies.... hehehe :o)

guest mix to come! lets hope for nice music

Quote from: X-Samurai
!! Stay around for the guestmix! Im promising a massive set!

oh sure i will :-) , as long as i dont speak with myself on this forum i am happy to listen! muh!

too sad the mix is about to end soon :( *sniff sniff sniff* i just love that tracklist choosing!

at least iam now sure i always have a nice sunday night

19 -> 21 :)))) if i dont go fishing :-) , now its really cool to have another day with really quality music.

marc dawn should remix this track thats beeing played right now!
with a serious sick bassline and a flutlicht driven rhythm with melody, and this crazy greent court bass line, i'd be jumping up and down through the forest listening to this tune hehehe :tiki:

If one is allowed to request something: for the next show i'd happily request Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure (Harris B.'s Adventurous Bootleg - XiJaro Rework) to be played in the show :-) its a really nice track and i think it sounds good too :-) and fits to summer times as we are living them right now.

Quote from: X-Samurai
that was siiiick!

i was wondering how it comes that ronski speed team up directly with stoneface and terminal and remix it again, thats crazy, and so is the outcome :) big!

whats playing now is harder trance of a gooder sort! i like it! :headbang:

hold me till the end!!!!!

i love vocal trance :< happy happy joy joy trance is simply the best!? with a bit mix of brutality wippenberg is introducing in his "needs to feel" remix.. yeup, thats it! WE FEEL!

the ones we loved..... :-))))))))))))

reminds me of paaaaaaradise, beliving in paraaaaadise :), just you and me..... magic island - paradise!!

Yepppppie, Nic Chagall - What You Need (Original Extended Mix) [High Contrast Recordings]  and the tune of the week is a massive tune which will have its own way in music life :-) iam sure!!!!!

niceeeee set so far xander :-)

I'll be tuning in, as i said :-) expecting big tunes!

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