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Respect Mark for all the help and sorting the times for the show, John loved playing on Party 107 and as we know is trully missed, be good  to have a good old chat in the party 107 room in memorance  of this dedicated , devoted Dj and muscian and to all involved again a huge thnx for help and spinning for the occasion : )  a late addition to the line up his another of johns friends Living Daylights who as guested on previous shows of johns ..see u all monday in party 107 room .

Peak Control / Peak Control Christmas Special 122
« on: December 24, 2007, 04:59:17 pm »
awesome flyer  jim man   : )

Peak Control / Peak Control EP112 w/t Alaskan & J Mirra
« on: October 29, 2007, 05:24:35 pm »
cheers  Mark   appreciated  nice one jim for dropping it :headbang:

Peak Control / EP 115 Alaskan Dreamer & J Mirra
« on: October 29, 2007, 04:56:20 pm »
tracklist for this evenings  show as follows  ...

Alaskan Dreamer

Johan Vermeulen - Luxury Yvel Tristan (remix)
Above and Beyond - Home (tonys deep remix)
Heatchplay feat Annkvin - Ultramarine(M.I.D.O.R.Remix)
Antidote - Freeze Me (Original Mix)
Shawn Mitiska feat Jaren - Silently (original)
Markus schulz vs Andy moor - Daydream (12 mix)
Leoni & Andrew K - Next To Me (Johan Vermeulen Dub Mix)
Cosmic Gate - Body Of Conflict (ext voc mix)
Dennis Shepherd - A Tribute to life (robimon remix)
Kris O'Neil, D. Kandi - Back Home (Original Mix)

J Mirra

Jiva - Follow Me
Cloudsurfers - Lost Visions (Cullera Remix)
Affective - Stella
Prospekt - Ocean Breeze
Paul miller - destination (afterwhite remix)
White Stars - Always Alone
Loverush UK! - Different World (Kinky Roland Mix)
Michael Cassette - David (Allende Remix)
Randy Boyer And Eric Tadla - Stemcell (Nisoma Remix)
Bad Moon - Meltdown

Peak Control / Peak Control EP113 J Mirra 2 hour set
« on: October 16, 2007, 07:48:35 am »
some very sweet tunes  man loved  the 2hr set  first two tunes blew me away  and  set  the scene for the rest to follow top stuff as always mirra  m8  :headbang:

Peak Control / John Avenida`s Peak Control EP 105 Alaskan Dreamer
« on: August 20, 2007, 05:39:30 pm »
Tracklist for todays show EP 105

1/ Cj Stone - Storm (Josh Cunningham rmx)

2/ Galen Behr feat Elle - Weak

3/ Forerunners - Lifecycle

4/ Rex Mundi - Perspective

5/ Lange - Angelfalls

6/ MarK Pledger vs Super 8 & Tab - Worldwide

7/ Ehren Stowers & The Viceroy -  Way Of Life ( Deepwide Mix)

8/ Hawk feat Sasja - Emarald Mine (DeepWide Rmx)

9/ Purple Mood - One Night In Tokyo( A & B Rmx)

10/ Sean Tyas - One More Night Out

Awesome dewd  some spine tingling selections  a sure befitting set  for an amazing  guy   Respect !!

Peak Control / Peak Control 104 A Tribute To John Avenida
« on: August 13, 2007, 05:35:21 pm »
Nice selections Jim am sure  brother John would be so  proud  i know how much he loved you  man he`ll be  staring down on you  with the greatest of respect that he as always shown you   :D

Announcements / John Avenida
« on: August 08, 2007, 05:09:01 am »
John was  a true mate  known the kid for  over 3 years  we had some of the best laffs  and  went through some sad times too always leaned on each  i was a proud  member of the peak control crew  and  in his name myself and mirra will keep peak control alive  in his memory  forever  trully gonna miss him   sad day  in my heart for a  dewd that  loved the scene and gave is all  R.I.P my friend   rock the hell outta heaven  son   loads of love  Pete  xxx

Well i stuck about all day and  throughly n-joyed   it   gotta say  Xijaro   played some nice  mash ups  setis   was  mint  sonicvibe  took me  on a  far out journey  leon boiler played a sweet mix of  annie lennox 1,000 beautiful things god did i love that  John  played a a quality pumping set  that got us all moving  and right now getting blasted to pieces  by Kaenow top show and party   classic Peak Control   :)

Awesome stuff from mr steur loads i didnt know  some kinda oldskool sounds in therte i loved    ....J Mirra  now  proper  lift of right now buzzing top stuff jim  !!

Respect John son  for the organisation  in to  bringing this show   !!1

Shawns set was  sweet some real gems in there   oo i feel honured to be inbetween him and  up next  Mr Steur  bring it on   Peak Control happy birthday    :headbang:

Nice line up   cheers again  dewd   looking forward to whole night  :headbang:

The Vanishing Point / The Vanishing Point 074 - Kaenow & Umek
« on: May 21, 2007, 06:46:32 pm »
Awesome tunes man ,  impressive flyers too ... oh and cheers for asking me to spin,just give me a shout dewd anytime  :woot:

Yeah some sweet tunes and mixing man few times ive tuned  now love  a few vocals  myself   some top selections  :cool:

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