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Lane / AvidTechno Radio Show feat. Tim Xavier (03-18-06)
« on: March 13, 2006, 01:34:13 pm »
9pm EST (03-18-06)
 AvidTechno Radio Show has RETURNED!  For our re-debut Tim Xavier is going to be the in the mix for us featuring his selection of Minimal/Maximal choons. This will be one mix not to miss!
 More guests to come in the following weeks:
 Dirty Bass
 Dustin Zahn
 & MORE!

Lane / **Announcement** AvidTechno Radio Show
« on: March 09, 2006, 11:29:15 pm »
I will be starting up my saturday night evening slot once again, aswell as a new site!

I will be showcasing alot of guest mixes and live PA's from my favorite techno artists, friends and DJs along with live events!

A podcast for AvidTechno should be up within 2-3 days aswell

Let me know anything you would like to have on the show!

DJ Lane Pelovsky

Lane / DJ Lane Pelovsky - Live At Elemental 3 (02-25-06)
« on: February 26, 2006, 04:07:45 pm »
DJ Lane Pelovsky - Live At Elemental 3 (02-25-06)
 **. **Microphone recording segment[lasts 30 seconds]**
  01. DK8 - Murder Was The BAss (Original Mix)
  02. Filterfunk - Message In A Bottle (Sander Van Doorn Remix)[White Label]
  03. Chris Liebing & Ben Sims - Work It
  04. Dirty Bass - Smooth Corrosion
  05. Ben Sims - Manipulated (Adam Beyer Remix)
  06. Monika Kruse  - Floating (Adam Beyer Remix)
  07. Dirty Bass - Burn it Black
  08. Joule Cirrus - Aphelion Remastered [02-25-06 Version][this tune is special]
  09. DJ Rush - My Palazzo (Hertz Remix)
  10. Reeloop - Enjoy Yourself
  11. Chris Liebing & Ben Sims - Sambal Olek
  12. Dirty Bass - Blue Eyes Under a Dark Sky [PROMO]
  13. Tim Xavier - Scandalistic Endeavour
  Download, pictures and a review coming up soon!

Idle Conversation / Elem3ntal - 02.25.2006 - Minneapolis,MN
« on: January 14, 2006, 03:59:47 am »
elem[size=10]3ntal:     White[/size]
February 25th, 2005
Minneapolis Minnesota


Welcome to episode 3 of the largest non-profit show in the cities for 3 years running! This year we've brought together some great oldschool and phenomenal up-and-coming talent to deliver a show to beat the hell out of the past two years! We're aiming to raise what will hopefully be a ton of money to benefit cancer research, so don't be afraid to dance for a cause in 3 full rooms of insanity all night long.  ALL proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society.  Plus, its our 2nd or 3rd anniversary party, depending on how you look at it, so we'll have something special for everyone.

White Party[/size]
Thats right, time to bring those sweet white pants out of the closet for another full night of dancing, debauchery, blacklights, and all out stupid fun. People dressed in white outfits will recieve a discounted admission. Haters will pay full price.

Massive Sound and Insane Lighting
The true headliners of this years show, we're changing focus to try to provide not only great music, but an all out retarded system to listen to it on and the eye candy to set the mood.  Delivered and teched by the master DVS, expect the largest system at a DC party so far. That means a lot of sound.

Lights, lasers, projections, and other cool visuals will be present and full-on in each main room.  Amazing decor and awesome giveaways all night long provided by DC's own plur crew.

Stay Up Forever, Hazchem, Cluster and Wah Wah
A twelve year veteran of the London underground dance scene, DDR has unleashed his own brand of techno / trance on many labels and at many parties / raves / clubs / festivals around the globe. And now... Minneapolis!

Sunrize *First Minneapolis Appearence*
Pitched Up Recordings, Next Generation Records
First Minneapolis appearance by this rising star in the hardcore world.  Arguably one of the best producers for hardcore in the United States, we're honored... and proud... to bring this innovator of the hardcore sound to our little corner of the earth.

Spree, ESDJCO, Sonic Fury
A true master of disaster, this talented DJ will deliver yet another mind-blowing, ear exploding performance for the hardcore massive. Its just hard to picture a Elemental without one of the people that has truely made it possible over the years.

One of the huge forces of the Minneapolis scene, Zak always provides a great show. This should be a very rocking, very hard, and very LOUD night of techno fun.

The man behind some of the largest, and most successful parties in the midwest, JT always delivers a unique and incredible set. If you haven't seen this side of the Minneapolis Master, then you're truely missing out, as he destroys the dancefloor at EVERY one of our shows he's at.

MBC vs Symmetry[/color]
feat. MC Arion Lee[/color]
It wouldn't be a true UK Jungle party without this duo of destruction and this mc of madness.  Airhorns?
Page the DJ[/color] - welcome back to town!
Page returns for what will be a long awaited return to the DC team.  Always bringing a great vibe to shows, Page never disappoints to bring the best hard techno to the show.
Phenix M[/color]
Words would not give justice as to how incredibly awesome this is going to be.  If you know Mike, and you know trance, you'll know not to miss this.
Web of Deception[/color]
Fasten your seatbelts.  Trance.  Yes, I said it.  Trance.  Web has played techno and dnb at our past two events, and now is bringing out the old web...  the web of trance-ception!

Broken Logic
feat. inande, Jeff Hunter, EasyRider, Leon J and MC Hyde[/color]
What do you get when you mix the 4 leading breaks djs in the city, an MC that seems to always need a ride to a show, and 2 hours of mainstage madness?  Come find out!

TheGoldenChild[/color] - A touching farewell performance!
Once again, we say goodbye to one of our most beloved DJs...  Ricky, we'll miss you.  But before he goes, get ready for some of the freshest and hardest clown step you'll hear... ever?

Squiggles[/color] - No Haters Allowed!
If you looked up hater in the dictionary, you would probably see a picture of Danny.  Putting the hate aside for one special night, Squiggles promises to deliver some very hard, and very happy, beats to move your feet.

Lime[/color] - Special Tribute to Paul Oakenfold
This one goes out to you, Paul Oakenfold.  Salute!
If getting into your music was an olympic sport, Clear would have been a gold medal champion 3 times over.  Watch out, ladies...  it gets pretty intense.
Mustang Sally[/color]
This woman got our attention at the DJ competition at Spectrum.  Lets give this DC newcomer a very large, and very warm welcome.
Jon Ackerman[/color]
Hands down, some of the best track selection we've ever heard.  His style of music can best be described by mixing goth and industrial with dnb, and a hint of Britney Spears and a dash of Jordan Knight.

Phil Martinez[/color]
Running eccentric beats has got to be tiring, so we're very happy to give Phil a much needed break.  Take Jon Ackermans music, only remove the dnb and jordan knight, keep the britney, and add in some progressive.  Again, a very impressive and unique set from this gentleman.

Shiny McShine[/color]
If you were at Children of the Revolution, you saw this man rock out like never before.  We would call it breakcore, but since its LIVE and basically touches everything in the book, we'll just leave it at "shine-core."

Lane Pelovsky[/color]
This man's heart and determination, as well as dj skill, are sure to make him a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.  An avid supporter of everything we do, please welcome DJ Lane.  Holla!

Tim[/color] (DJ Twighlight) (intern)
Tim recently purchased headphones, which can only mean one thing...  its time to give Tim a timeslot to rock out at!  Too slow to be hardcore, too cheese to be trance...  and way too awesome for words.  Terminator!

Thank you to absolutely everyone who has attended, supported, and gotten buck-nutty at our events over the past few years.  Looking back at the old elemental 1 tapes really brings some perspective to how far we've come.  This is because of all of you.  Have fun, be safe, rock out...  you make these parties what they are, and without you, minneapolis just wouldn't be as much fun.

For more information, pictures of danny, and venue location the night of, please visit or call 651-649-4429 the night of the event (yes, that means not at 3am saturday morning)

Full preparty by the fever team at club underground!  information will be made available on

$10 limitedpresale / $15 door in costume / $18 if you're not wearing white.
This WILL sell out.
LIMITEDPresales available at Vital Vinyl or online at
Once those are gone, get there EARLY to guarantee entrance.

Firm but Friendly security. Respect the party, the performers, the people around you, and most of all, yourself. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed.

And, lastly, once again, we'd like to thank everyone that makes this possible.  This year will be larger, louder, crazier, and more fun than anything we've done before.

Stay tuned to for information regarding ticket give-aways, upcoming shows, and special summer surprises. [/B]

Lane / Electric Technology 30 (10-15-05)
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:50:57 pm »
01. Alec Marqx & Olivier Giacomotto - Technorumba (Original Mix)
  02. Tim Xavier - Side Car
  03. WJ Henze -  Omocha
  04. Speedy J & Adam Beyer - Sjab [Collabs 100]
  05. Pedro Delgardo - Omen (DJ Preach & Marco G Remix)
  06. Hertz - Filter Out
  07. Slobodan  - The Pentateuch [Untitled Track A1]
  08. Technasia - Rythym Machine (Star Tracks Remix)
  09. Alec Marqx & Olivier Giacomotto - Split
  10. Samuel L Sessiomn - Cool Out Corners
  11. Alex Karakasis - Madness
  12. Technasia - Evergreen (Technasia Remix)
  13. Tim Xavier - Level One
  14. Hertz - Bonafide
  15. Deetron - Friction
  16. Tim Xavier & Charles Little - Jackie's Chant
  17. ian lehman - Empty Suit
  18. Dustin Zahn - Much Harder
  19. Trevor Rockcliffe - Bless The Funk

Lane / Electric Technology 029 (10-01-05)
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:50:28 pm »

Lane / Electric Technology 28 [NO DATE] [NO TL]
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:49:36 pm »
NO TL for this show, or date

Idle Conversation / 1000th THREAD!
« on: August 28, 2005, 01:59:21 pm »

Idle Conversation / Addiction: Twin Cities
« on: August 27, 2005, 03:12:11 pm »

 Come by for a great evening of music!

Idle Conversation / Please support a branch of Party107
« on: June 08, 2005, 11:36:56 pm »

 I have created an online techno website, with the help of Mark (dj_mark) and Allen K (a11en_k).
 AvidTechno is officially made by the folks here @  If anyone is at all interested in techno, please support and post
 Thanks, Management

Lane / Electric Technology 27
« on: May 21, 2005, 11:49:40 pm »
01. Marco V - More Than a Life Away (DJ Preach Remix)
  02. Axel Karakasis - Body
  03. Polyvinyl - The Ruler Allows Mischief
  04. Eric Sneo - On The Drums
  05. Reeko - Theory 25 [A1]
  06. Hertz & Johan Bacto - Mankind 13 [A1]
  07. Frank Biazzi - Psychological
  08. Chris Liebing - Analogon EP (Adam Beyer Remix)[CL-Retry 02]
  09. Sven Dedak & Alex Bau - The Real Partysluts
  10. Reeko - Theory 25 [A2]
  11. Tube-Tech - Cocaine
  12. DJ Tiesto vs. Junkie XL - Obsession (Frank Biazzi Remix)
  13. Chris Liebing - Natural Selection (Arkadiusz Babka Remix)
  14. Drumcomplex - Upper State of Mind
  15. Tim Xavier - p0werplant (Ika Sali Remix)
  16. Tuomas Rantanen  - Chroma
  17. Basic Implant - Revenge Of The 202 (Marcus Hartmann Remix)
  18. Frank Biazzi - Tension
  19. Frank Biazzi - Friction
  20. Basic Implant - Revenge Of The 202 (Chris Liebing Remix)
  21. Hertz - Recreate (DJ Montana Re-Edit)
 Tracks 14-15 edited out of the mix, so the recording would fit on a CD
  Alex Bau's TL Will be on soon

Techno / Avidtechno Broadcast (05-19-05)
« on: May 19, 2005, 11:48:23 pm »

 Come Join Us for the Radio Show
 Presented by:
 DirtyBass Records
 London Techno
 & Others coming soon.
 This week our guest is:
 Alex Bau
 Party107 Listen Links:
 << Party107 USA 160k >>
 << Party107 USA 32k >>
 << Party107 EU/DE 160k >>
 << Party107 Firewall Bypass Stream >>
  We are offering an exclusive interview with Alex Bau for download, along with live mixes to come in the future.
 we are currently looking for guest mixes for future broadcasts, If your are interested in submitting a mix for the radio show, send an email to
 Also, Stayed tuned for details on a contest we will be running, to win a free copy of Alex Bau - Connected[Full Length Album + DJ Mix], playlisted by Chris Liebing, Pascal FEOS and More!

Lane / Electric Technology 26 feat. Frank Biazzi partial Tribute.
« on: May 14, 2005, 11:50:08 pm »
01. Joris Voorn - Skyshopping
  02. Dirty Bass - Hammer & Tongs
  03. Cirez D - Control Freak
  04. Hertz - Breaker
  05. Adam Bayer - Remainings III [D1]
  06. Ben Sims - Women Beat Their Men
  07. Frank Biazzi - Tribalicious EP [B1]
  08. Remy & Roland Klinkenberg - Till Ya Drop
  09. Eric Sneo - Many Worlds
  10. Chris Liebing - Analogon EP (Adam Beyer Remix)[CL-Retry 02]
  11. Speedy J - Glitch
  12. Tim Xavier - p0werplant (Ghostmode Remix)
  13. Eric Sneo - Burning Out
  14. DJ Tiesto & Junkie XL - Obsession (Frank Biazzi Remix)
  15. Chris Liebing - Natural Selection (Arkadiusz Bakka Remix)
  16. Blaktor - Lastly
  17. Frank Biazzi - Tribalicious EP [B1] {Encore!}
  18. Hertz - Granit
  19. Frank Biazzi - Tension
  20. WJ Henze - Omocha
  21. Tim Xavier - p0werplant (Mark Verbos Mix)
  22. Frank Biazzi - Fiction
  23. Hertz - Recreate (Montana Re-Edit)

Lane / AvidTechno Launch
« on: April 23, 2005, 11:02:53 pm »
01. Dustin Zahn - Protection
 02. Henze - Delivery Girl
 03. Hardcell & Grindvik - Armada
 04. Tube-Tech - Kiss Of The Storm (Club Mix)
 05. Chris Liebing - Stigmata 6 (A1)
 06. Taksi Inc - Range
 07. Secret Cinema - Crashh
 08. Speedy J & Chris Liebing - Trezcore
 09. WJ Henze - Senshu
 10. Tube-Tech - Cocaine
 11. Tim Xavier and Wale Taiwo - Theatre of Sound
 12. DJ Rush - Get On Up (Chris Liebing Remix)
 13. Tim Xavier - Scandalistic Endeavour
 14. Tube-Tech - Raw
 15. Marco Carola - 8th Question EP (A1)
 16. WJ Henze - Gangu
 17. Frank Biazzi - Fiction
 18. Los 3 Brasileros - Vivo (Eric Sneo Remix)

Announcements / Launch
« on: April 22, 2005, 01:46:21 am »

 [Times on flyer in Eastern USA Time] is one of the first fully techno oriented communities. Featuring News, Reviews, Forum, IRC Chatroom, Online Radio Show (at, Downloads & More!
 Presented by:
 DirtyBass Records
 London Techno
 & Others coming soon.
 Come Join Us for the launch of,
 Radio Broadcast[In Eastern Time Zone]:
 9:00-10:30: Lane Pelovsky
 10:30-11:30: Chris Hope
 Party107 Listen Links:
 << Party107 USA 160k >>
 << Party107 USA 32k >>
 << Party107 EU/DE 160k >>
 << Party107 Firewall Bypass Stream >>
 Content: We will be offering an exclusive interview with Alex Bau for download.
 we are currently looking for guest mixes for future broadcasts, If your are interested in submitting a mix for the radio show, send an email to

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