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« on: October 25, 2006, 12:09:49 pm »
It was a weird and savage time, and we worked in primal and sadistic ways. To encounter such an phenomenon as this was a brutal reality. Sound had turned into music, and it began melting our brains, entranced and hypnotic, we could feel every vertebrae twitching in anticipation to the rhythm and melody of some far out alien language that had possessed its self deep with in the sound of the computer, and we could do nothing but smile at the heartless scum. We have never really been here, it was before, then it was after, until the time is now.

Proper Villains is a production duo based out of San Diego in Southern California. Villains at large are Static Flux and Christopher Mohn. The Proper Villains have been producing together since September of 2006 and have recently finished their first artist album entitled “Sight for Sound” and will be going back into the studio soon for their next endeavor.

Stay tuned every Wednesday for the best sounds to hit your ears.  Ever.

- chris & reagan
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