Author Topic: Dean Griffiths and James Poulton at TranceSound Session 209  (Read 1922 times)

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Dean Griffiths and James Poulton at TranceSound Session 209
« on: March 18, 2012, 06:02:18 pm »
Dean Griffiths and James Poulton at TranceSound Session 209

TranceSounders around the world, I am inviting you Saturday March the 24th 2012 for TranceSound Session, the 209th episode where we do have the guests already invited, so for the very first time we are having two of our in-house Djs, so we are having Dean Griffiths from United Kingdom for the first hour followed by James Poulton from united Kingdom as well, delivering a guest mix for the second hour.

These 2 Djs in particular are 2 out of the 3 Djs, that TranceSound Events lined up for for this event at the 02 Academy Brixton, Easter Sunday on April the 8th this year, actually within a couple of weeks from now. An outstanding line-up with the likes of Above & Beyond, Sander van Doorn, Mat Zo, Jaytech, James Grant and so many others. An event made possible by the guys from Lock n Load Events and Above & Beyond, where TranceSound artists are being invited along with our partner-in-crime Funk Delux’ ones, filling the CIRCLE BAR, next to some other huge names within EMI (Electronic Music Industry) spectrum, such as James Dymond (Armada), Daz Pearson, Rebecca Saforia, Nick Ashworth and Danny Gauntlett – a name very familiar to all of us by now, being invited several times to our weekly show, TranceSound Session and last year’s annual TranceSound Festival as well.

This episode of TranceSound Session will see Dean Griffiths and James Poulton playing a wide playlist of tracks from Trance, Progressive, Techno and a bit of House too, something more likely and so close to their sound, unique in their own way. It will also be a special warm-up to those that will attend Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy DAY 2 event in Brixton, London in 3 weeks from now. Enjoy a new TranceSound Session episode with Your beloved artists, on weekly basis, so get ready to TRANCESOUND on Party107!



Dean Griffiths (United Kingdom)
James Poulton (United Kingdom)


Dean Griffiths @ TranceSound Session
James Poulton @ TranceSound Session


* TranceSound Session 209: March 24, 2012 @ Party107
* Dean Griffiths and James Poulton @ TranceSound Session 209 (TSS) 1 hour each.

Preview on Youtube:

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