Author Topic: Davide Iaione & Adam Nickey @ TranceSound Session 080 on 8th of August 2009  (Read 1160 times)

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Davide Iaione & Adam Nickey @ TranceSound Session 080

    TranceSounders around the world, I invite You Saturday the 8th of August on Party107 radio station and Wednesday the 12th of August on PureSound radio station for another show of TranceSound Session, where we do have the guests already invited and this time we have Davide Iaione from Sydney, Australia and Adam Nickey from Poland, for another 2 hours of TranceSound Session show, 1 hour each thou. Enjoy a new TranceSound Session episode with Your beloved artists, on weekly basis, so get ready to TRANCE SOUND :)


A weekly show powered and directed by Cosmin Lukacs aka Dj K8oard, the admin/founder (CEO) in collaboration with Djs


    If You are interested into syndicating the's show, the weekly TranceSound Session, or else the annual TranceSound Festival, please don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible, so we can have a word about it, thank You very much for Your interest.