Author Topic: Trance Around The World 247 with Above & Beyond and Oliver Smith (12-23-08)  (Read 2255 times)


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Above & Beyond:
1. Dreas vs. Alex Robert "Mormugao" (Motion Music)
2. Tritonal "What I Say" [Dub] (AvA)
3. Solarstone and Essence "Lunar Rings" [Tritonal Dub] (Solaris)

Record Of The Week
4. Angel Ace "776 Miles" (Levare)

5. FKN feat. Jahala "Still Time" [Corderoy Dub] (Deep Blue)
6. Suncatcher "Epic" [7 Skies Remix] (Fraction)
7. Nitrous Oxide "Show Me" (Anjunabeats)
8. Leon Bolier & Galen Behr "Acapulco" (2 Play)
9. Corderoy & U4IC DJ'S "3 Spirit" [Ben Gold's RAW Mix] (SPX Digital)
10. Boom Jinx feat. Oliver Smith "Sunrise" (Anjunabeats)

Web Vote Winner
11. Sebastian Sand "Steam" (Euphonic)

12. Mr. Sam & ClAud9 "Cygnes" (Appia Music)
13. Fast Distance "Playa de Oro" (Wildchild)
14. Dean Coleman feat DCLA "I Want You" [Andrew Bayer Remix] (Yoshitoshi)
15. Sclavonia "Thalia" (Addictive Global)
16. Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh "Fallen Tides" [Mat Zo Remix] (Anjunabeats)

Oliver Smith Guestmix:
1. NOP "Cubic Loop" [D Nox & Beckers Remix] (Bus)
2. Tony Deep Fish "7 Minutes After Midnight" [Chris Reece Remix] (Unreleased Digital)
3. EDX "Casa Grande" (PinkStar)
4. Chris Reece & Dinka "Autumn Leaves" (Enormous Tunes)
5. Arctique "Kyana" [Mat Zo Remix] (Well Mixed)
6. Signalrunners "Meet Me In Montauk" [Oliver Smith Remix] (Anjunabeats)