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Title: The Art of High Energy (TA003)
Post by: Mydnyte on April 20, 2006, 02:39:11 pm
This week we're going to the opposite side of the spectrum from last week.  Last week was relaxed breaks and house; this week we start a touch below hard progressive trance, get to hard progressive trance quickly, stick there for a while, and then we get harder, ending with a hard trance track that will rock your world.  As always, I'll be in the Party107 chatroom, and the tracklist will be up after the show.

Hope you enjoy!
Title: The Art of High Energy (TA003)
Post by: Mydnyte on April 21, 2006, 11:30:24 pm
Download link will be up sometime tomorrow - editing the beginning so that you guys get the first two tracks, and also giving it a proper beginning.

Well, after some technical problems and running out of time because of them, the tracklist ended up like this:

Mauro Picotto Lizard JAC remix
Lost Tribe Gamemaster Mark Sherry's 2006 Outburst mix
 - Technical difficulties -
Nish Sagittarius Alphazone remix
Norman Bass How U Like Bass? Warp Brothers remix
Lee Pasch Threat to Society
DJ Exigent Corrosive
Nick Rowland Way Out Phil York remix
Audioscape Walk Away P.H.A.T.T. Vocal remix
Steve Hill and Nervous We Are Alive Alphazone remix
Oceanlab vs Unknown Satellite Hard House mix
Cloudchaser Aerodynamic Alphazone remix
Potatoheads Mix the Master CJ Stone and Caba Kroll's Club mix
Warp Brothers We Will Survive Club mix
Kadoc The Nighttrain Warp Brothers 2004 remix
Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up
The Head Hunterz Kompound
Marco V Godd Original mix
DJ Irene & George Centeno Blow Your Mind Blowin' My Mind mix
Stargazers Is There Anybody Out There? Warp Brothers remix
DJ Exigent Intoxicating
Dave 202 Vulcania Yoji Biomehanika and Romeo Toscani remix
iLogik Get High
Dark by Design and Gilly Chaos

Lesson of the day: Restart your computer before going live.

Title: The Art of High Energy (TA003)
Post by: Mydnyte on May 05, 2006, 08:10:12 pm

The Art 003 (of High Energy) mixed live by DJ Mydnyte 04-21-06 (