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2x Stanton STR8-100
1x Numark DXM03 2-Channel Pro Digital DJ Mixer
1x Sony MDR-V500DJ Monitor Series Headphones with Swivel Earcups
2x Stanton 520 SK DJ Craze Signature Model
1x Virtual DJ 2.06
2x Virtual DJ TimeCoded Vinyl
2x Stanton DSM - 8 STR8 Design Slip Mats
2x ESDJCO Aero2 Slipmats (Blue)

Idle Conversation / Support Party107
« on: March 26, 2005, 11:43:36 am »

Idle Conversation / Happy Birthday Aokin
« on: March 26, 2005, 11:42:55 am »
Happy B-Day!

Announcements / Urgent! Fraud
« on: January 27, 2005, 10:41:45 pm »
[22:28] Nick4Real13: hey faker
[22:28] Nick4Real13: lol
[22:28] loopmasteriane: what up donkey raping shit eater
[22:29] Nick4Real13: lol u really think u can bring down party107?
[22:29] Nick4Real13: with aim?
[22:30] loopmasteriane: I've never used aim to try to take down party107?
[22:30] Nick4Real13: lol
[22:30] Nick4Real13: according to yest
[22:30] loopmasteriane: If I was to 'try' to take down party107
[22:31] loopmasteriane: I'd knock on their doors with some syn floods
[22:31] loopmasteriane: *IF*
[22:31] loopmasteriane: Now don't go around telling people i'm going to ddos party107
[22:32] loopmasteriane: don't go around and be like "OMG KEN FUCKING DDOSED YOU ALL! SUE THE FUCKER!"
[22:32] loopmasteriane: Because 1. You have No proof
[22:32] loopmasteriane: 2. I have yet to do it
[22:32] loopmasteriane: 3. I probably wont
[22:33] loopmasteriane: Ok cumbucket?
[22:33] Nick4Real13: no
[22:33] loopmasteriane: Ok good
[22:33] loopmasteriane: I'll ddos you instead
[22:33] loopmasteriane: ight?
[22:33] loopmasteriane: You need some spybots stuck up ur ass
[22:34] loopmasteriane: then a smack in the face
[22:34] loopmasteriane: then get ur ass beaten
[22:35] *** loopmasteriane wants to directly connect.
[22:35] loopmasteriane: heh...look at my new cdj1000 & xone92
[22:36] loopmasteriane: yo
[22:41] loopmasteriane: yo douchebag

Announcements / Urgent! Fraud
« on: January 27, 2005, 06:32:50 pm »
what a looser! :rofl:

Idle Conversation / Longest Thread Ever!!!
« on: January 27, 2005, 06:30:14 pm »
interesting thread.

Announcements / Urgent! Fraud
« on: January 27, 2005, 04:54:03 pm »
[21:33] loopmaster Iane: hey
[21:33] Nick4Real13: sup
[21:34] loopmaster Iane: Party107 would like to ask you to have a weekly residency on our radio due to recent losses
[21:35] Nick4Real13: what u mean?
[21:35] loopmaster Iane: We have decided that we would like you on weekly residency
[21:35] loopmaster Iane: A weekly spot on Party107
[21:35] Nick4Real13: we are already on a weekly spot
[21:36] loopmaster Iane: Ok, well you're now fired from that weekly spot
[21:36] Nick4Real13: ok
[21:36] Nick4Real13: is there a new spot?
[21:36] loopmaster Iane: For someone else, correct
[21:36] loopmaster Iane: but you are now fired
[21:36] Nick4Real13: y?
[21:37] loopmaster Iane: harassing the operators in the channel and threatening a DDoS attack towards our servers
[21:37] Nick4Real13: what?
[21:37] Nick4Real13: me?
[21:37] loopmaster Iane: we do not tolerate these actions and have been forced to kick you off the radio
[21:37] loopmaster Iane: we have been talking with staff for over a month about this situation and we have came to a conclusion
[21:38] Nick4Real13: i dont know anything u are saying
[21:38] Nick4Real13: and we do not know what the problem is
[21:38] loopmaster Iane: You are kicked off the radio
[21:38] loopmaster Iane: Understand?
[21:38] Nick4Real13: yes sir
[21:39] loopmaster Iane: Thank you
[21:39] loopmaster Iane: Please do not connect in the future
[21:39] loopmaster Iane: Have a nice evening

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