Author Topic: Destinations 056 With LdJ  (Read 3252 times)

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Destinations 056 With LdJ
« on: July 10, 2007, 08:41:15 pm »
Today i will host to Guestmix on my show: LdJ!
Some Bio:
At an early age Linden was interested in music, often found rocking out to his mothers Def Lepard and Guns 'n' Roses albums, it was soon obvious that Linden would be a musician of sorts. It was at school where he discovered his musical talents, he learnt the guitar, piano and drums before realising it was easier to use a computer to make music. During year 11 of school whilst studying Music GCSE he discovered Dance Ejay, a loop based program for making music, as the years followed Linden discovered new and better programs such as Fruityloops, Cubase and Reason, only in the past year or so he has discovered amazing VST's such as Nexus, Albino, Vanguard and many more. To this day Linden is still found at his computer listening to the latest tunes getting idea's for his own productions and remixes.
Listen & Enjoy
Tracklists after the show