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Please tune in next Tuesday night to 4 hours of excellent progressive music, delivered to you by 3 greats guests plus the resident set of myself.

some info about my guests:

Eelke Kleijn
Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (June 11, 1983), Eelke’s story starts at the tender age of 17. After having worked in a music store for 4 years and spending lots of spare time there to get familiar with all the equipment, his own productions were slowly coming together. In 2003 the first EP was ready for release, on the at that time newly established Segment record label. Although this was a 250-copy limited pressing, it reached quite a few high players including John Digweed and Seb Fontaine. Overall reactions were great and '4.5 Billion Years' is still a much sought after record these days.

In 2005, his ‘Deeper Depths EP’ on Segment Records again got big support, with Steve Gerrard including it on his WMC promotional mix. It was also included on Andrew.K's compilation 'Flavours'. Later that year his ‘Consequences EP’ on Noctambula Records got plays from Hernán Cattáneo, who charted it as well, and Sasha.

The year 2005 also saw the start of a variety of new co-operations and friendships. Eelke teamed up in the studio with fellow Dutchman C-Jay and with old friend Nick Hogendoorn. He also flew to England to work with Stewart Keenan of Navigation Records. Ever since things have really taken off, with resulting tracks getting signed to major labels such as Climax Recordings, Cyber Records, Tilth Music and Plastik Park. In early 2006 Eelke joined forces with Fady Ferraye in Lebanon, launching their ‘Free Jerk Inlay’ project. Besides working on tracks together they also focus on joined DJ sets as ‘Free Jerk Inlay’. Throughout 2006, Eelke has also been concentrating on additional solo work.

Being steadily involved in a variety of other projects as well, Eelke knows what it is to be musically diverse. His work with Rutger van Bostelen as M.I.D.O.R. gets frequent plays from DJs such as Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren and Marco V. Their biggest success to date was the inclusion of hit single ‘No Mans Land’ on the TMF awards special by Tiësto; getting broadcasted on National Television almost daily.

Besides his work as a producer, Eelke is also credited as an excellent DJ. His sets these days are as diverse as his productions, blending progressive, (tech)house, electro and minimal into a very distinct and atmospheric sound. Next to his residency at Purple Snow in Belgium, Eelke’s sound can be heard beyond the borders of Holland ever more frequently. Upcoming and recent appearances include countries such as Greece, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Jordan and Lebanon

Nick Hogendoorn
   Nick started showing more interests in music than average at around the age of 10. At this age a neighbour of him who was a dj showed his whole set and played some tunes. This was mainly hardcore since this was a great hype around the year 1993. By this musical violence Nick decided he wanted to go to the softer side and started buying more and more CDM's and various albums of his interests ranging from eurodance to trance.

When a couple of years later he got in touch with a friend who had some old equipment in the attic, they started experimenting with it to make some mixes for the very first time. They both loved it and decided to buy some real tools for the trade. When the first tables were in, they started buying some twelve inches which were on sale in a local record store. The small collection became bigger and bigger while they were also experimenting with music production on the very old Trackers for DOS.

Time flew by and taste changed to different directions. Nick became interested in Electro, Disco and Deep tracks and decided to continue in this style. After a lot of spinning he did some radio shows for digital radio stations and really enjoyed that.

While working parttime to get some extra cash for vinyl he met someone at work who had thesame interests as he did in music production, he told him the basics of production to help him get started. While Nick was focused on producing he got his first track signed at Toes In The Sand Recordings in the U.S.A. who also asked him to do a remix for a track by Brahma.

After a while Nick Hogendoorn and Eelke Kleijn decided to take a chance on doing some productions together which still turns out to have been a great decision since they can both put their ideas in. With multiple tracks signed at labels such as Navigate Recordings, Arabica, Spinifex Recordings and Tilth Music and still going on strong, there will be a lot more to come in the future since he will soon have time to start doing more solo work.
more info:

Helen K
Helena Koursou was born in Athens/Greece, March 17th of 1988.
She is popular for her very early age involvement in music,
design and media. After exploring her father's record collection
when she was around 11 years old, she started walking on edgier
music paths of indie rock & punk and then came disco, funk & old
school/techno. When she began progressing her mixing skills
when 14, she came up focusing on dirtier house genres like
electric/groovy progressive, breaks, tech or even minimal. Better
known as Helen K, she hasn't stopped serving series of twisted
DJ Sets and Music Composing without limits including vocals,
lyrics & keys. Inspired from artists like Steve Lawler, Sander
Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, Infusion, King Unique, James Holden,
Tiga and James Lavelle, she keeps the above names mixture in a
corner of her head and tries to work hard in order to export her
own unique style. Helena also loves to spin live, she has performed
at selected gigs all over Greece and abroad.

After she had built a friendly music experience profile, in early
2005 she compiled and mixed her very first solid CD compilation
called "Dub Till Dawn" which was released mid May alongside
Freeze magazine (the unique and most successfull underground
dance-oriented print guide in her country). Soon after that and
totally out of the blue, she composed her first track
"Get The Groove", having its original version featured in "Greeks
United" double unmixed compilation - a CD which was out on
Christmas time of 2005 by NRG Records/Universal Music in
Greece. "Get The Groove" covered a joyful side of house music
with funky, deep and smooth arrangement followed by her shiny
vocals, proving that she can be both advanced and commercial
towards the crowd.

Furthermore, Helena's internet radio activities have been receiving
wicked listening rates with over than a thousand users tuned in,
while her shows schedule has hosted an even wider guest list with
some of the finest DJs around the globe. Radio Shows she has been
famous for so far are: Space Ride (w/ Andrew K), Drag N Drop
sessions (solo) and Three Hives Hammered (w/ Emanuel Phaz).
Plus, some of the stations she has played at, are: Best Radio 92.6
Athens (Anna Maria X - Weekend Mix), 94 FM Athens (Muscle K -
Dance Nation), Radio 1 88 FM Rhodes, Radio DJ 106.1 Rhodes,,, and,
among many others.

One of her largest interests is Art, then comes Media - that's why
she has been really active on those two since her 15 years. Back
in 2002, she created her personal Design project titled
"", specialized in Print & Web constructions.
Magazine Journalism has also been a part of her life. Since 2003,
she enjoys working as a Music Editor by writing articles, reviewing
and interviewing for and Freeze Magazine.

Around her 18 and a half years, Helena found luck knocking
her life door roughly after receiving a direct 3rd year entry
scholarship for Graphic/Visual Communication Design BA honors
in UK's Middlesex University. She instantly grabbed the chance
and she decided to move in London of course, in order to let the
studies begin and change to a whole new way of looking at the
day. This also stood as a good chance to enrich her music
activities since Britain was always famous for its acclaimed music
industry and huge nightlife. So, with numerous interests and
hundreds of future targets, she's still going and her light of
success is growing day by day!
more info:
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FS Summer Sessions (2006-08-08) /w Kleijn, Hogendoorn, Helen K, GDW
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2006, 08:09:59 pm »
tracklists for the show:

Gabe de Wielen
01. Coldfish & Tom Carter - Out of Favor [CDR]
02. Subsky - Caterpillar [Scum]
03. Jiva - Pieces of You [CDR]
04. GBDW - The Fall [CDR]
05. Snake Sedrick & Emze Hack - The Beginning (Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn remix) [Tilth Music]
06. The Last Atlant - No Exit [No Smoking]
07. Perry O'Neil - Get Out of My Sofa [Electronic Elements]
08. Ali Ajami & Chris Micali - Wish I Loved You [Vapour]
09. Matt Rowan - Foresight (Federico Epis remix) [Fiberline]
10. V-sag - 1951 [No Smoking]
11. Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us & Them (Umut Gokcen's paradise remix) [CDR]
12. Subsky - Bela [Scum]
13. DP-6 - Moscow Bears [Pure Substance]
14. DJ Bia - Vida (Stereo Fan remix) [Republica]
15. Snake Sedrick - Effulgence [Tilth Music]
16. 4mal feat. Ani - First Sense (Matthew Adams' sensual remix) [CDR]
17. Matthew Adams - A Million Stops Today [CDR]

Nick Hogendoorn
01. Gabriel Ananda - Dicht
02. Replika - Different Nuance (Audio Soul Project remix)
03. Sideshow - Scary Biscuits (John Tejada remix)
04. Cbass & Mikobene - Nia Ga Ra
05. Brian Aneurysm - Wrong
06. Ezekiel Honig - Daily Human Emotions
07. Cristian Paduraru - Developing Desires
08. Sweet N Candy - Tackywakeup (Dominik Eulberg remix)
09. Claude VonStroke - Beware of the Bird (Justin Martin remix)
10. Luke Le Mans - Jerry Spring Her
11. Ludovic Vendi - Hectorine (Alland Byallo remix)
12. Patrick Chardronnet - Eve by Day (Fairmont remix)
13. Fairmont - Gazebo

Eelke Kleijn
01. Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoeller remix) [Get Physical]
02. ID [CDR]
03. Paper - 75ml [Galaktika]
04. Fo-Sek - Heedron [Kindred Sounds CDR]
05. Jeff Bennett & Kriece - String Theory (Kriece's Planck remix) [Spinifex]
06. Benny Maze - Midnight Drop [Kumquat CDR]
07. Wally Lopez, Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom - Strike Me Down [Factoria]
08. Low End Specialists - It Comes from Inside (Rene Amesz remix) [Little Mountain]
09. Eelke Kleijn - Reflex [Teknikal Rotation CDR]
10. Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn - Gamma Fix [Spinifex]
11. U&K - Paranoid [L2 Music]