Author Topic: New Technology Aids Men  (Read 3159 times)


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New Technology Aids Men
« on: October 13, 2004, 08:40:47 am »
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Many men are concerned about penis size, something unscrupulous marketers exploit mercilessly (checked your spam email lately?!). Let me set the record straightópenis enlargement creams and drugs are pure hype. Nothing will permanently enlarge your penis except for surgery, and that should only be considered as a last resort. However, there are a few sex toys on the market that can help you be a bigger man, at least for a little while.
Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 30

Here's How:
1.   Choose a penis pump. Penis pumps are the most common way to enlarge your penis. They work by creating a vacuum-type seal around the penis that pulls blood to the surface, thereby enlarging your member. The sensations can be pleasant, but your penis will eventually return to its former size. Generally, the pricier the pump, the better the quality.

2.   Shave if you want. This is purely optional, but some men find that they get a better seal between the pump and their skin if they have smooth skin. Shave the area around the base of the penis.

3.   Lube it up. Use a thicker lube (water-based anal lubes are good, or try Vaseline), and coat the base of the pump, your penis, and the inside of the tube.

4.   Pump it up. Squeeze slowly on the pumpís bulb handle and the cylinder will start to create a vacuum over your penis. Youíll notice a feeling of pressure on your penis. To avoid having your balls pulled up into the pump, pull down on them, away from the body.

5.   Maintain suction comfortably. You donít want to pump past your comfort level; if youíre feeling any pain you could be bruising your penis. Once youíve pumped to a desireable pressure, just leave it on and enjoy the sensations. (If youíre new to pumping, donít leave it on for more than fifteen minutes).

6.   Add heat. If you want to add another erotic element to your session, try adding a little heat. You can pump in the bath or shower (assuming you donít have an electric pump), sit outside in the sun, or use a heating pad.

7.   Release. When youíve had enough, simply use the pumpís release valve to free the suction. Now you and your partner can enjoy the new size, shape, texture, and sensitivity of your enhanced member.

8.   Add more toys. You can add a cock ring to try and prolong your erection even further. You can also find penis extenders, and forget the pump entirelyóthese are sleeves for the penis, usually made of rubber or plastic.

9.   Add more activities. Masturbate with your enlarged penis and notice the difference in your sensitivity, or have intercourse and let your partner describe the differences to you.

10.   Note: pay attention to any health advisories that come with pumps. For example, they are not recommended for folks who bleed easily, have diabetes, or are taking any blood-thinning medication.

What You Need:
penis pump
thick lube
towel for clean up


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New Technology Aids Men
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hahaha dave, your a silly man
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New Technology Aids Men
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yeah... sure... a lot of computAH stuff here.