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A new handheld machine is helping people monitor there health.The DCo2-t is a handheld device that measures the Co2 levels in human gas discharge .This technology was intially tested by many primary school teachers in Denmark who where concerned about alternative ways to detect flu and other infectious diseases among their student body. It works by detecting Co2 gas in the air after a human gas discharge;with this reading the DCo2-t  compares the Co2 level to a internal database to display a health measures. Many doctors across Europe have tested this machine on patients and have been suprised with the results. The accuracy level is rated at 90.35%. The DCo2-t is said to monitor blood sugar levels, respiratory disease, fever,flu, and dietary counts. The  DCo2-t is planned to be releases in early November to the public. Its suggested retail price is said to be $870.

-source BBC


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looks cool
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