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You all know the score by now.  I'm live on the air for 3 hours making up the show as I go along, playing requests, doing shoutouts, getting a dj on the phone with their record of the month etc.....

This month is no different.  I have a 3 hour show full of live fun and banter and a few questionable mic skills.  Hopefully if he gets around to doing it, we have Zak Quiney of the Z-Factor also on Party107 supplying us with his tune of the month.  For those of you who are fans of my once a month gimmick on the show, sadly this month I am going to have to disappoint you.  So, this month I have decided to not do a gimmick and play random stuff and given my mood this month expect little or no prog and a few techier tunes, maybe :)

See you Saturday
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01. Glenn Morrison - In A Trance [Pilot6]
02. Jon Rundell - Our Floor [Vandit Digital]
03. Heatbeat - Caledonia [Soundpiercing]

DJ on the phone Zak Quiney
04. Envio - For You (The Blizzard Mix) [ASOT]

05. Carl B - Underneath The Sky (Original Dub Mix) [Fraction Zero]
06. Jaytech - Starbright (Jaytech's Touch Your DJ Mix) [Red Seven]
07. Mike Koglin vs Mark Pledger - All The Way [Anjunabeats]
08. Arnej - People Come, People Go (Maor Levi Mix) [Pilot6]
09. Mark Pledger - On the Edge [Anjunabeats]
10. Slavic Force - Catharsis (Marcos Mix/AA Rework) [Cerf Records]
11. Jon O Bir vs Oliver Smith - Way & Nimbus (Daniel Kandi Bootleg) [cdr]
12. Alive Trip - Light Stone (Ex-Driver Mix) [Abora]
13. Sundriver - Feel (Underwater Mix) [Red Force]
14. AB Project - Another Time [Mondo]
15. Andy Blueman - Time To Rest (Daniel Kandi Mix) [Perceptive Recordings]

Amplitude Radio EXCLUSIVE
16. Simon Hunt - Nostalgia [cdr]

17. Alex MORPH - Walk The Edge (Morph & Van Eyden B2B Mix) [High Contrast]
18. Sequentia - Innuendo (Ian Betts Mix) [Six:Thirty]
19. John Askew - The Door [Discover]
20. David Newsum vs Lemon & Einar K - From Dubai With Anticipation (Ant Attwood's "ANTicipated" bootleg) [cdr]
21. Keenan & Anderson feat Tiff Lacey - Runaway (Mike Nichol Dub Mix) [Navigation Records]
22. Datt & Bissen - Take Your Time (Peetu S Less Vox Mix) [Flux Delux]
23. Krzysztof Chochlow - Nothing To Say [Discover Dark]
24. John O'Callaghan - Chameleon (Red Mix) [Discover Digital]

Amplitude Radio Exclusive
25. D-Digital - Kasatka [Shot 2 Funk]

Discover Dark Showcase
26. John Askew - Blackout [Discover Dark]
27. John Askew vs Matt Hardwick - Slaves To The Machine [Discover Dark]
28. O'Callaghan & Kearney - Pendulum [Discover Dark]
29. Bryan Kearney - More To Life  [Discover Dark]
30. Bryan Kearney - Punchline [Discover Dark]

31. Nish - Blue Sunshine (Sean Tyas Mix) [Tetsuo]
32. Onova - Platitude [Monster]
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