Author Topic: Amplitude Radio Episode 5 - Deathmatch -Saturday 5-9pm BST, 6-10pm CET, 12-4pm EST  (Read 3042 times)

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Amplitude Radio returns this month for Episode 5 subtitled “Death Match” but more on that in a bit.

The format of the show is going to be slightly different this month.

0 – 30 minutes
I will be playing some of the newest and freshest prog around without being boring.

Then for the “Death Match” concept.

30 – 1:30
For the next hour of the show I will be doing effectively a LIVE webvote.  For this I ask you to pick between an Anjunabeats release or another tune.  What I will do is on the air announce the matchup for the tune in 2 tunes time.  Eg.

Tranquility Base – Surrender


Mungo – Summer Blush (Aly & Fila Rework)

The first person to post in the thread with the title of the tune they want to hear is the deciding vote. I have some really interesting matches for you to choose from and I hope it makes the decisions difficult.  In the event that nobody has voted in time, I will flip a coin live on air with heads representing the Anjuna tune and tails the other tune (let’s hope the coin will not be needed)

If you have any questions on this feel free to ask and I shall clear it up for you.

1:30 – 2:00

We have (pending him sorting it out in time) a very special 30 minute guest mix from Anjunabeats star child (see what I did there ;) ) Daniel Kandi.  In this mix he will include his record of the month which also coincides rather nicely with the monthly dj on the phone feature :D

2:00 - 4:00

For the final hour of the show and quite frankly the bit I’m most excited about.  I will be going full fire full on in the mix.  No holds barred full on banging and uplifting stuff.  I have made a load of edits for this mix so I can cram in many tunes.  I might not play them all though I will see how I feel at the time because we all know making it up as I go along rules.  Any requests for this section of the show get them in.  

So if Saturdays are boring on the non DESTINATION:trance weekends or if you just like the sound of my voice ballsing up almost every link I do or even if you like REAL trance this is the place for you.  

As you all know by now this show is not all about the latest and greatest tunes but more about good music.

Next month I will do something less complicated.

See you Saturday :thumbup:

This show airs at
5-9pm BST
6-10pm CET
12-4pm EST
3-7am [Sunday] Sydney

Winamp: high :: low
Real: high :: low
WMP: high :: low


Tracklist to follow